Passing Cold Is Not Stylish, Here Are Several Ways to Avoid It

Passing Cold Is Not Stylish, Here Are Several Ways to Avoid It

If there is one thing I hate in this planet Earth is the feeling of cold. Hands become numb, the Boca falls asleep and the ideas are frozen (to say nothing of the cuarteda skin). Yes, the cold sometimes feel, but if dressed in conditions. Do cold is very different to have cold, and the latter is not. That is why today we show essential items for who to take to the streets not lose style drop walk sheltered.

The must haves

  • Wrap accompanying you throughout the winter. It is obvious that in cold weather we can not leave home without a coat. But each season must choose well: worth more quality than quantity, therefore choose a versatile version able to accompany you every day.
  • Wool Jersey. What would we do without the shirts of wool? Here’s the same theory as the previous one: vale pay a little more for quality, because in the end is just noticing. A pure wool jersey we will shelter and protect coldest winter days.
  • Scarf that protect you the gola.

The neck is a sensitive area to temperature changes and is good to have it constantly sheltered. And though the shirts are presented with high collar, it is not more health cure and bet on a good scarf. The tartan pictures prints provide that perfect touch sometimes we lack in a look.

  • Thick cap for your bright ideas. Another area to protect is the head, how? Fun wool caps that provide a different to the final style touch. This addon is essential if we are going to the mountain (you will regret if you don’t take it with you).
  • Don’t forget your hands. The hands are some great forgotten when it comes to going out in winter. We just always losing one glove and let them air and unprotected. Don’t let that you happen this year, and is a perfect design to look every day with all the outfits.
  • With piping hot feet. And it is no good us go well sheltered if at the end we choose evil our footwear. Boots lined with hair at the end are the best choice…

Has it targeted everything?

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