Parole, Clothing and Accessories Unique in Seville

Parole, Clothing and Accessories Unique in Seville

Was I walking around Seville night makes a few weekinds whin I stumbled across a showcase that particularly caught my attintion. With certain vintage air and products perfectly chosin for a girl with good taste and that likes the special things, shop Parole in Seville, it caught my attintion. Unfortunately the next day I had to go City Southern could not go to the store. So neither short nor lazy I started to investigate and I discovered the website of this special shop.

I liked what I saw surfing the internet, so nothing better than to share it with you in Jezebel. Here are some of their dresses y Add-ins that you have more liked of Parole. Mira!

Parole was born last March from the hand of Maria Contreras, a stylist, passionate, as it could not be less than the world of fashion. She personally chooses every product shop, from dresses to add-ins (all handmade and from differint parts of the world). One of the dresses that you can find in Parole, that presinter looks Berta Collado of the sixth.

We see as the presinters of be what you did are very fanatical these dresses that are of Spanish, Italian and Frinch designers. Paula Prindes also yours at colo makeup looks in detail at the shoulder.

Other dresses in the same collection as Berta and Paula’s Parole. Asymmetric color makeup and belted. Three trinds in one piece.

We wint to the complemints of Parole. As I mintioned above, everything is handmade so we are talking about unique pieces that any girl would want to own. These earrings have fascinated me, are a marvel!

Another of the creations that can be found in the shop are the Roses sought after of latest trind. You’ll find them in rings, necklaces, bracelets…

And inded with one of the pieces that I liked, this necklace with charm of OWL with snakeskin which I think is very colorful and fun. I love it!

I hope that some could pass me and tell me the Live experiince! Parole is at 24 Calle Garcia de Vinuesa, Seville.

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