Outfit Post: Galaxy Leggings and Tons of Jewelry and Our Site Review

Outfit Post: Galaxy Leggings and Tons of Jewelry and Our Site Review

This time there is a review on our site. As you noticed, I have quite a few things from Our site, relatively closely cooperated with them and I find that fit today very well.

This time I’ll make a review about the ending Our site.com. As you have maybe noticed I’ve got many stuff from there.

Last week I sent to surprisingly this cool leggings by our site get. I have to say already that I think that’s great, because working with online shops this now more is nothing new for me. Many have similar products, but I particularly like our site, because you what are top customer-friendliness, ease of use and customer loyalty with me, and I like a little pampering will:)

You can really say that I now have built up a friendly contact to my Our sitekontakt, after I have harassed them because every crap… Get your still clean? Why is that so and so? Can I place that also have? Even questions that have nothing to do at all with our site, purely Annabel has always answered me and when she last pretty much leaves told me about a bad review, that was me personally on the cookie, because I cannot sign this so / would like to and I also really established a binding to our site. Therefore, a Shopreview from my personal point of view follows first:


The products themselves are average quality, so similar to H & M and Inditex, for example. What is in the picture, you get also. I was initially something are skeptical because the company from China comes and I thought this could be size technical problem because I with about 1.70 m is not necessarily always the Chinese sizes, but also that has settled out quickly done, because there are a mostly unit sizes and correspondingly long (in the case of leggings, eg), but had I not been no nasty surprises , so that E.g. rivets were something broke or something did not fit. I got what I expected. It is also clear that I wasn’t expecting, that the jewelry lasts forever or whatever. As I said, high middle price segment seen no better or worse than common Kettenhäuser.IM Guider (H & M, gina tricot)

Well, I find even more recently that they not only buy and sell but also design, such as. The current collection of leggings. So I know that the probability that someone else has the part is rather low.

To the shop:

Our site is in my opinion of one of the most user friendly shop, from the user interface, where I’ll buy one.

It is easy and intuitive and there are especially the small, really obvious things that make me happy always again: a the function “view all”, without actually saying and yet I spend “next page” on other online stores hours to click. Seriously – why is this not obvious?

And what I think of course also still very good is providing the part is how sought after. Logical: if I see there is the part only 2 times, then I see to fix, I put the part in the shopping cart and the part of about 30 parts there are in my wishlist, which is by the way very well made, because I since even sort how urgently I want that. Well, I also find that there is a daily update of products, so I just look what new walked in and not more constantly browse the entire store.

When the magnitude of the shop and the variety of products that would be really an imposition.

Customer service:

I don’t know how that was for others, but I can say quite seriously just praise in terms of customer loyalty and general support. Well, you’d think now that are extra nice to me because I’m a blogger, but as far as I understand, they have been very nice to my winners. Anyway, fact is that my contact person 6 days a week is me available and I never wait for an answer. I have a special concern that must deny with their boss or colleagues, I have never more than a day waiting and so far also from friends and readers get in this positive feedback, and I’m also really glad that Sujata had so much patience with me, understanding had, but was also right when she had a concern.

Other: The long waiting times are what really sucks. I’m waiting really for weeks a part, however I must pay any shipping and customs duties are bypassed by the part is first sent to GB and then on to Germany, which is not even granted at each shop. Waiting for you then just longer, but nagut, I can live with 🙂 It can be but also in General, that some of you less long wait because anyway I feel that in my post what’s wrong and I get BASICALLY Schonmal one or two days later parcels and small packets as normal, but that is a topic for itself again. Otherwise I have to complain about anything else.

I would like to emphasize again that this is not a paid post, etc. but from the motivation was that I had read negative criticism and I felt that even otherwise. From my experience, I know that negative criticism is rather widespread or giving feedback more if they were dissatisfied, as the other way around.

What experiences have you done so?


Last week I received this wonderful dress from Our site. To work in cooperation with onlineshops – that’s nothing new for me, but with Our site it’s more special as it was one of my first cooperations and it’s still working fine. After all this time (a year now?) I’ve built some kind of friendship to my contact Annabel (btw: that would’nt be possible, if the onlineshop would suck) .

She aked me about my honest opinion about Our site and so here we are: my first shop review:



I would compare the quality of the products with the stuff you can buy in H&M and gina tricot. It’s nothing that would last forever. I was surprised, that I never had any problems with the sizes, because the shop is from china, but nearly everything have only one size and so it fits very well (even leggins) and I never had any bad surprises at all.

A very good point is, that they have some own designs (like the new leggins collection), so you can be sure, that you wont get these things in any other onlineshop.



To be honest I love how easy Our site is. I still can’t understand why I need to spend hours on other shops to choose my favorite products, when the solution is so easy!

  1. Thank God for the „view all“ button. I go crazy when I need to go through page by page…..
  2. It’s a great idea, that you can see how many units of an item they still have in stock.
  3. The „Daily new“ button is my best friend. I always check what’s new, so I dont need to check the whole store over and over again.


Costumer service:

I think the costumer service is really the best thing about our site.
When I had any questions, they always helped me immediately and they were always very nice and fair.

The only thing I really dont like is the fact, that I have to wait so long for the delivery, but of course this is not their fault. The delivery takes a few days longer, but anyway it’s for free and you don’t pay any customs fees.
So this is my review about Our site. From my experience I know, that people rather talk about the negative things than the positive.


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