Now Is The Time to Show Off Her Mini Skirt and Boots. Te Atreves?

Few days per year in which we can make strange mixtures of outfits, however these weeks they are one of them. What do we mean? To play with our Cabinet and create strange mixtures and varied. And if there is a perfect to wear now couple is miniskirt and thigh high boots. The 1970s they are present in many of the results and all of them have one thing in common: are divine.

Only for a limited time. It seems that this blend is not suitable for everyday, only for those is that the famous Phineas. So, do you dare to take advantage of the moment?

The street does and so we’re watching it these days: mini skirts are combined with thick sweaters and coats of cloth, and the legs are protected thanks to the leg of the boot (higher, less cold). And while many bloggers practice this trend the 365 days of the year, for the rest of the humans it is now or never.

Duel of styles

And as always happens, when something gets fashion there are bloggers that match the look. And this week the duel of styles comes from the hand of Sara (Collage Vintage) and Paula (My Peeptoes). Both opt for the seventies style with a miniskirt of napa merron tied with front buttons and combined with clothes and black boots. Who does look it better?

So if you are that they are looking for something different… Now you can already look just like them. For a short time!