Not Have a Size 36 or 20 Years (Ideal) Streetstyle Is There for Me?

Not Have a Size 36 or 20 Years (Ideal) Streetstyle Is There for Me?


Today we are again talking of the power blogger and in this case we went from the deadly duel of streetstyle between countries, with Spain on the podium to ask is there a streetstyle for those who have far the 20 years and do not have a size S? Exists and is ideal both his protagonists and their proposals of styling.



We started by Fashion Bananas whose precious looks that do not prevent any trends. She is not a teenager with plenty of free time and body nestled but a woman with curves.


And therein lies its success and with their outfits, they mix perfectly the trends with comfort and meet the same, gives many ideas to women who are already away from age 20 or the sizes S.


That cut peplum widened hips?… go already, seems to say it. And nothing better to forget their sophistication and mix it with a pair of jeans.


The streetstyle and season it garments are for twenty? Nothing better than a full dress retro cut to a few prominent hips. She knows it and wears it and therefore gives us ideas is not a precious bid to look like a guest at a wedding?


Another perfect proposal, as the first image with dress of Zara, Lucida by Street with love: perfect for curvy hips and show leg. How thank you is now and when you see street style options that do not include super shorts, tight dresses that cut the breath or heels to touch the sky and fall out of the.


Make a garment as young as a few shorts into something wearable when you’re serving years is a matter of know mix: if samples below, cover top and forget heels during the day.


Do we want to take advantage of our blazer and blouse for the office on the weekend? Let us with one in coral pink or salmon this summer as it does Kapuczina and in leisure time we changed bottom and we chose we stamped anything bring you freshness and youth.

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