New Caledonia Shopping, Embassy and Communication

By | May 6, 2022



The official language is French. 33 Polynesian and Melanesian languages ​​as well as English are spoken.

Public Holidays

01/01/2022 New Year

04/18/2022 easter monday

05/01/2022 Labor Day

05/08/2022 day of the victory

05/26/2022 Ascension of Christ

06/06/2022 Whit Monday

07/14/2022 anniversary of the storming of the Bastille

08/15/2022 Assumption Day

09/24/2022 Day of the French State Treaty

11/01/2022 all saints day

11/11/2022 Armistice Day

12/25/2022 Christmas

12/31/2022 New Year’s Eve


Duty free shopping


The following items can be brought into New Caledonia duty-free: 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco (persons aged 17 and over); 1 liter of spirits with an alcohol content of more than 22% (but not anisette or absinthe) and 2 liters of wine or sparkling wine (persons aged 17 and over) or 2 liters of alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of less than 22%; 50 g perfume and 250 ml eau de toilette (persons aged 15 and over); 500 grams of coffee and 100 grams of tea; Gifts worth up to CFP Francs 30,000 (half for travelers under 15 years old).

Prohibited Imports

Import ban on food, plants (including wood and straw) and animals. More information is available from

Contact addresses


New Caledonia is a French overseas territory, diplomatic responsibility lies with the French embassies (for contact addresses, see France ).


Business etiquette

Business visits should be arranged in advance. Business lunches as a form of negotiation are rare. Prices should be given in Euros or CFP Francs. The best time for business trips is from May to October. Business hours: Mon-Fri 07.30-11.30 and 13.30-17.30, Sat 07.30-11.30.

Business contacts

France.Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)15 Rue de Verdun, BP M3 98849 Nouméa Cédex. Tel: 24 31 00. Internet:



80% automated telephone network with self-dial long-distance service. There are public payphones. Telephone cards are available at post offices.

Mobile phone

GSM 900. Network operator is Mobilis (Internet: Roaming agreements exist with France, Australia and New Zealand, among others.


Internet provider is Offratel (Internet: Public Internet access in Internet cafes, post offices and on public computers in shops and companies.

Post office

Airmail to Europe takes about 1-2 weeks to arrive. The Post Office of New Caledonia (OPTNC) has branches throughout New Caledonia. They offer banking services and telecommunications. The main post office on Rue Eugène Porchéron is open from 7.45am to 11.15am and from 12.15pm to 3.30pm.


Since the use of shortwave frequencies changes several times over the course of a year, it is advisable to contact Deutsche Welle customer service directly for the current frequencies (Tel: (+49) (0228) 429 32 08. Internet: to request.

New Caledonia Shopping