Mullet Dress: The Asymmetry that Will Win You Over

Mullet Dress: The Asymmetry that Will Win You Over

The mullet dresses are characteristic for their uneven length, shorter on the front and long back, which gives a special charm pro look. It is an alternative for those who do not want to bet on a long, but also do not want to be alone in the short.

Mullet Dress The Asymmetry that Will Win You Over

The term mullet, used by fashion, was borrowed from the very successful haircut in the 1980s which, just like the dress, is short in the front and long behind. In the same way that the cut had many fans at the time, this length has been conquering more and more women in the world of fashion.

We invite the image consultant, Lili Fuzikava to help us with some tips to compose looks with different types of mullet dress, check out:

Casual mullet dress

It is a good request for those who want to give an incrementada in a more informal look. In addition to being a cooler option than the long ones for the hot summer days, as they are usually made with lighter fabrics. “A casual dress asks for equally casual shoes, but the shoe model depends on the occasion. Creeps or sneakers are great options to put on a relaxed look. “- suggests Lili.

Mullet dress for work

Regardless of the environment of your work being more serious, or more informal, it is important to be wise in choosing the right mullet model. A good tip is always opt for less bold and slightly longer models. Lili recommends dresses with contrasting front and back lengths, as this difference tends to draw a lot of attention, “so you do not take the risk of making a mistake, opt for classic shoes like a scarf or a sneaker, for example. “

Mullet party dress

This is a good opportunity to take advantage of the boldness and elegance of mullets. Even because they have gained fame in the red carpet. The difference is with the types of models and fabrics. “The more frills and volume, the more dramatic the look. Wear more open or low-cut shoes to enhance your legs. “- says Lili

Mullet dress in winter

Despite having a shorter length, the mullet dress matches much with winter, if worn with the appropriate accessories and parts. It’s cool to wear a lighter fabric dress with heavier pieces, such as leather jackets, as it gives an interesting contrast. “You can bet on the combo pantyhose and boots to put on a cooler look” – advises Lili.

White mullet dress

It is common to use lighter colors for the day, of course depends on the occasion, but it is a good request to combine with the brightness of sunny days. Just take a little care with white dresses in weddings as this is a color that is traditionally reserved for the bride. Lili suggests betting on the details, “for example a powerful necklace, to create a contemporary, minimalist look with the white mullet dress.”

Mullet short dresses

A good tip for the little ones, is to bet on shorter lengths, to value the legs, giving a feeling of stretching. Lili says betting on the right shoes makes all the difference in this case, “Avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes that shorten your legs. Abuse of elongating tricks, such as nude shoes, dug and fine-tipped shoes. Prefer smaller bags. “

Floral Mullet Dress

They are the summer face, fun, the flowery mullet dresses give a good lift in the look. Just watch out for the prints, the big ones tend to increase the silhouette. “For those who find the floral print too romantic, the tip is to choose the floral with the dark background. For a darker version, ankle boots add to the look. – says Lili “

Mullet dress with lace

The laces usually give a differentiated in the look, can pull for sophistication or delicacy. Enjoy to put on a very feminine look leaving the feet to the show with a striped sandal. “- suggests Lili, for who wants to bet on the delicacy.

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