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By | May 6, 2022



The official language is Mongolian (90%), Kazakh is spoken by about 5% of the population. Also different Mongolian dialects. Russian and English are also spoken.

Public Holidays

01/01/2022 New Year

02/01/2022 Tsagaan sar (White Moon, Buddhist New Year, Lunar New Year)

03/08/2022 International Women’s Day

07/11/2022 Naadam

11/26/2022 Independence Day


Duty free shopping


The following items can be imported duty-free into Mongolia (persons aged 18 and over): 200 cigarettes and 50 cigars and 250 g of tobacco; 1L spirits and 2L wine and 3L beer; 1 bottle of perfume for personal use; Goods with a total value of up to US$1,000. Upon entry, each visitor must fill out a customs form, which must be retained until departure. More information is available from

Export Restrictions

A permit from the Center for Cultural History in the Palace of Culture is required for the export of antiques, works of art and archaeological finds. More information is available from Mongolian Customs.

Contact addresses

Embassy of Mongolia

Consulate in Zurich.

Chemin des Mollies 4
+41 (0)22 774 19 74.

Consular department: Mon-Thurs 09.30-12.30 and 14.30-16.30.

Embassy of Mongolia

Honorary consulates in Vienna and Salzburg.

Fasangartengasse 45
+43 (0)1 535 28 07 11/12/17, consular dept. +43 (0)1 535 28 07 13

Mon-Fri 08.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00. Consular department: Mon-Fri 09.00-12.00 and 14.00-17.00.

Embassy of Mongolia

Honorary Consul General in Frankfurt/M., Honorary Consulates in Dresden, Cologne and Munich.

Hausvogteiplatz 14
+49 (0)30 47 48 06 0, consular dept. +49 (0)30 47 48 06 22

Consular Dept.: Mon-Wed 09.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00, Thu 09.00-13.00.


Business etiquette

You wear a suit or costume to a business appointment. Translation and interpreting services should be booked before departure, although English speaking business people are increasing. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1800.

Business contacts

Commerce Department of the Mongolian Embassy Hausvogteiplatz 14, 10117 Berlin, Germany Tel. +49 (0)30 474 80 60. Website: Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce & Industry MNCCI Building, Mahatma Gandhi street, 15th khoroo, Ulaanbaatar 17011, Mongolia Tel. +976 (0)11 32 71 76. Website:



Self dialing service possible. Only a few connections are available. International calls can be made from hotels or from the switchboard in Ulan Bator. Since 1994, an Asiasat satellite station has facilitated international telecommunications connections to Mongolia. Area codes: Ulaanbaatar: 11; Darkhan: 01-372; Erdenet: 01-352; Khovd: 01-432.

Mobile phone

GSM 900. According to, network operator is Mobicom (Internet: Transmission/reception range: Ulan Bator, Darkhan, Erdenet, Selenge, Zamyn Uud, Nalaikh, Altanbulag, Sainshand (Dornogobi), Zuunkharaa and Arvaikheer (Uvurkhangai). The CDMA network operated by Skytel covers the transmission/reception areas of Ulaanbaatar, Uvurkhangai, Zamyn Uud, Darkhan, Selenge and Bulgan.


Internet access in conference and convention centers in hotels in Ulaanbaatar, in some Internet cafes and in the telephone exchange in Suhkbaatar Square. Internet providers are MagicNet (Internet:, Micom (Internet: and Bodicomputers (Internet:

Post office

Airmail shipments to Europe take up to two weeks. There is an express mail service in Ulan Bator. The opening hours of the post offices: Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00, Sat 09.00-13.00.


Since the use of shortwave frequencies changes several times over the course of a year, it is advisable to contact Deutsche Welle customer service directly for the current frequencies (Tel: (+49) (0228) 429 32 08. Internet: to request.

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