Manhattan, New York

By | June 9, 2022

Manhattan (New York, USA) — description, history, location, reviews, photos and videos.

Stretching along the Hudson River for 21 kilometers, the New York district of Manhattan is the center of attention of any tourist coming to America. It is almost impossible to get lost in Manhattan – all its blocks (avenues) are marked with numbers from 1 to 16, numbered from west to east, and streets are numbered from south to north. Therefore, you can easily navigate here even without a GPS-navigator. See itypetravel for geostatistics of Minnesota.

Manhattan itself is divided into three parts: Downtown, Middletown and Uptown. Most tourists prefer to start their journey from the south, from Downtown. It is here that Broadway originates – the famous and longest street in Manhattan. Running diagonally from north to south, Broadway gives birth to a huge number of shops, banks, restaurants, shopping centers and theaters. In the chaotic urban development of Downtown, only Broadway stands out for its clearly chosen course to the north. Therefore, in Downtown, everything is focused specifically on him.

Broadway is the easiest way for any tourist. Whatever the intersection with the street is an attraction. Here is the historic center of Manhattan, with Wall Street piercing it like an arrow. The famous Federal Hall and the New York Stock Exchange are located here. Further, going a little to the north, you can meet the local city hall – City Hall. Moving east from here, going through Chinatown, you can get to the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Walking north along the embankment, we reach 14th Street and turn west. After walking a few kilometers, we again get to Broadway, and move north. Walking along Broadway to the intersection with Fifth Avenue, we notice the famous Iron skyscraper. Already the next intersection (with Sixth Avenue) – and again a landmark – the majestic Herald Square.

And here we are in the boiling core of Manhattan – Middletown. Passing from Herald Square along 34th Street to the east, at the next intersection we notice the majestic Empire State Building. Walking north from it along Fifth Avenue, we find ourselves in the heart of Manhattan – Brian Park. To the southeast of it is the famous New York Public Library. After walking a kilometer west along 42nd Street, we return to Broadway and cross Seventh Avenue – and now we have Times Square flooded with tourists, and a mile and a half behind it – Columbus Circle. Moving from it exactly to the north, we find ourselves in Central Park, where on numerous lawns you can take a break from the bustle of the streets, organize a picnic and “digest” the many unforgettable sensations that Manhattan has made for us.

Hershey’s Chocolate World store in New York

Hershey’s Chocolate World store in New York (New York, USA) – detailed description, address, opening hours, how to get there. Popular brands and brands, reviews of tourists.

A rare visitor to New York will miss a visit to the iconic Times Square. Here, in the heart of the Big Apple, there has been an equally legendary candy store for many years. Hershey is perhaps the main chocolate brand in America, so tourists are sure to bring the products of this particular company with them as tasty souvenirs. At Hershey’s Chocolate World, you can stock up on sweet gifts and taste the freshest goodies while enjoying the visuals along the way.

What to watch

Crossing the threshold of the store, you immediately realize that there are only solid sweets. The aroma of chocolate is in the air – the experts have developed as many as three mouth-watering smells that accompany visitors while they wander past the shelves with “sweets”. On the shelves are the classic Hershey’s Chocolate Bars, which glorified the Kisses company, and the well-known Kit-Kat. The candy machine will help you create a mix of many types of sweets: just bring the bag to the container with the treats you like and press the lever. But do not lean on one thing, because there are 12 containers with sweets! In addition to sweets, they sell a variety of souvenirs: T-shirts, mugs, balls, designers and even jewelry.

With the help of a tablet, you can design your own chocolate wrapper design by placing your photo, congratulations or just views of Times Square on the label.

Hershey’s Cuisine serves fresh brownies, cakes, eclairs, scones, coffees and drinks. You can have a bite to eat with branded “s’mores” at an authentic van. This sandwich of two cookies, chocolate and melted marshmallows costs $9, but thanks to its size, it will fill any adult well.

Practical Information

Address: New York, Times Square, 20. Tel.: +1 (212) 581-91-00.

The nearest st. Metro: 49 St. Opening hours: 9:00-0:00 daily.

Manhattan, New York