Looks Working Girl That You Saved Your “What Me Pongo?” to Go to The Office

Looks Working Girl That You Saved Your “What Me Pongo?” to Go to The Office

What to wear I today to go to the office?, uf, which boredom, think I’ll always like…

Who has not become that question ever?, sometimes it seems impossible to have closets so full as we have them. However, if it is true that dress up to go to work It is a complicated issue. Not clash, go right and not eat too much head before leaving the House are three of the rules as a working girl look It has to meet, and those included here do more than.

Combo point: high neck sweater + skirt tube

Give him a chance to point combos or canalé, This fall are the most trends with respect. In addition, if you add a Turtleneck Sweater will get a 10 look, comfortable and perfect for a day non stop in the office.

Nothing like a vest XXL

Time ago that has burned the pants combination tailor and shirt or blouse, but what if we add a? hair long vest?, to give him another air to the outfit and you’ll get an extra point of sophistication. Try it.

Dare with monkeys!

Perhaps one of the more complicated, but the monkeys together with Dickies are two of the key proposals of the season, and some models are very suitable for the working days. If they do not convince you too, test to add a blazer of male style and a pair of stilettos, the end result will conquer you safe.

The nude and earthy tones, a win in every rule

Vaporous dresses are another great garments suitable for an afternoon of shopping and a frantic day of work. If add it a pair of boots XXL and a straight male style coat to give him a total twist to look.

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