It Is a Question of Attitude: The Jacket by Above The Shoulders

It is one question of attitude be perfect or not. You have to ignore and pass those who you deicen: but what do you do? Or do clever comments on your style. Yes, most of the times only there is a reason: they are jealous that have that special charm. And that happened to me several days ago when I decided to get the jacket above your shoulders.

But you know what? I didn’t, because I knew that This small detail, easy and simple in all its splendor, was that I did differentiate of the others. And seeing blogs this weekend I realized that I’m not the only one who gets this way jacket: every time we are more. And I like how it looks.

All kinds of jackets are welcome to be tested on this new method: from plush, passing through the trench coats and even the Dear perfect. Yes, the latter feel phenomenal, and if you not only need to stroll by Charls-Closet to see what.

It is one good way to wear jacket knowing that at one point you will enter a site and have it be left hanging in a wardrobe.

Or do we simply have a bit cold but not enough as to accept all the heat that we can provide the coat sleeves.

There is a fixed style for this type of event: from the more arranged to have a very marked style. All want to look This trend as of life that my only can bring me good memories.

You are going to put into practice This way to wear the jacket?