Hotsunday Combines Classic t-Shirts With Photo Art Prints

Hotsunday Combines Classic t-Shirts With Photo Art Prints

The classic T-Shirt in the 1950s and current photo design brings together the new label Hotsunday. With actors such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, the White T-Shirt in the movie – and culture scene surfaced at that time and became a kind of revolutionary statement for an unconventional life style in the 1960s with T-Shirts in the fashion spread and established at the same time. The T-Shirt no longer is named after the T-shape of his cut from the fashion industry and various variations in all fashion collections with present.

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The German label Hotsunday has now made the original version of the 1950s back to the Center and with contemporary photography to a piece of fashion design. The photographer Chris Tille of label owner and also for international magazine has worked with the photographer Marija Strajnic, John Kilar, Tania Shcheglova, Roman Noven and Lukasz Wierzbowski, and fashion labels work, catered for the footage, which is applied as a handmade silkscreen prints on the white cotton fabric of T shirt classic.

At the photo shoot for the images on white shirts, women and couples in scene are set not konventinellen lifestyle situations that have the one or the other provocative moment. A young woman who hangs between gymnastics rings. A couple who each other keeping to the eyes. This women, stretch up legs with roller skates. A mouth with a bubble gum bubble or a pink flower. A woman with a large plastic dolphin. Or simple vintage photo equipment or a simple cross. The T-Shirts hot twins, blind, beard or dolphin fountain, cross, Scooter gymnastics, bubblegum, cameras, sktes. Sophisticated collections already always culturally belong to the field of design that has artistic claim.

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Hotsunday brings a piece of art in the fashion with photo prints on T-Shirts and advertises with the provocative slogan: “Hotsunday – emergency for pussies” for its line. Purism with cuts of the 1950s without extra gimmicks and with selected image material that shows a playful aspect, but the first collection of Hotsunday is now on the market. Under the photo printing the label logo is readable and Chris Tille directs with the T-Shirts, represent the perspectives of current photography, Streetwear fashion business attention to himself and his label Hotsundays. A fashion brand, which was founded in Germany in Tegernsee in 2012 now has a Studio address in London.

The label founder Chris Tille used deliberately for his photo art in the fashion the T-Shirt that was the symbol of a disposition even explicitly before it was marketed in the different versions in the fashion industry.

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Hotsunday has made us friendly way 2 cool bubblegum T-Shirts in size S available. Would draw them to you now.

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