Holiday in Netherlands

By | August 18, 2022

City break destinations in Holland

We show you our favorite city travel destinations for a city trip to Holland .


The capital

If you want to take a city trip to Holland, Amsterdam should be at the top of your list.

According to foodanddrinkjournal, Amsterdam does not offer spectacular highlights like the Eiffel Tower , Amsterdam is a sight in itself .

Be sure to plan time during your visit to just let yourself go and enjoy the colorful life.


Modern metropolis

In Rotterdam you don’t expect the typical Holland, but a modern metropolis with crazy architecture , exciting culture and really good food .

If you want to see a different side of Holland, Rotterdam is the perfect destination for a city break.


The better Amsterdam?

Utrecht gets far too little attention from tourists. The small town in the middle of Holland offers a real alternative to the capital .

If Amsterdam is too busy for you and you prefer it a little quieter, we recommend a visit to Utrecht. The city offers almost everything that Amsterdam offers, just a little quieter, smaller and cozier.


Young student town

Just over the German border, Maastricht is easy to reach and perfect for a weekend trip . But not only the proximity to Germany makes Maastricht a great city trip destination in Holland:

The city offers a good mix of young student town with many cafés, small shops and bars, traditional history, art and culture.


Best city center in the Netherlands

Breda has rightly been awarded the best city center in the Netherlands. The old town of Breda combines traditional and historic buildings with hip cafes, trendy restaurants and great shops.

We can recommend a whole weekend in Breda, but the lively city in North Brabant is also suitable as a stopover .

The Hague

Big city bustle with beach vacation

The Hague is the country’s seat of government and the only major city in Holland that sits directly on the sea . You can expect a great range of art and culture and one of the greenest cities in Europe.

You can experience city and beach holidays at the same time in The Hague. The most famous beach is in the Scheveningen district and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Holland.


Colorful and creative

Groningen is a lively, young city with a great nightlife, many small shops and cafés and a historic city centre. Art and culture lovers will also get their money’s worth in the creative city.

In addition to city life, the surrounding nature also offers a great destination. Be sure to rent a bike to explore the city and idyllic countryside.

Are Holland and the Netherlands the same?

Yes and no. Holland is part of the Netherlands and consists of the two provinces of Zuid- and Noord-Holland. Overall, the Netherlands consists of 12 provinces.

Nevertheless, Holland is often spoken of when the Netherlands is actually meant. This has to do with the history of the country and the great importance that the province played in history.

Many Dutch people simply call their country Holland. We think that sounds a lot nicer too and are happy to agree.

Beach vacation in Holland

Here we briefly and concisely present our favorite travel destinations for beach holidays in Holland .


Endless sandy beaches

We love the long, wide sandy beaches in Zeeland. Especially the 11 km long beach at the southernmost seaside resorts in Holland: Cadzand and Nieuwvliet.

In the off-season, you often have entire sections of the beach to yourself. We like to walk from one beach pavilion to the next, watch kite surfers or enjoy the sunset.

Lauwersmeer National Park

For outdoor fans

The Lauwersmeer National Park is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. Outdoor fans get their money’s worth here: enjoy water sports, boating, hiking and cycling.

Attention astrophotographers: The Lauwersmeer has been officially designated a Dark Sky Park since 2016 . It’s really rare to see as many stars as here.


West Frisian Island

The beach on Ameland is even longer than the beaches in Zeeland. A total of 27 kilometers of sandy beach await you on the West Frisian Wadden Sea island.

In addition to water sports and walks on the beach, you should definitely plan a mudflat hike. With children, a trip to the neighboring sandbanks is also exciting to watch the seals here.

5 facts about Holland

  1. In the Netherlands there are more bicycles than people . There are 22 million bicycles for every 17 million inhabitants.
  2. The Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe .
  3. The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage .
  4. The Netherlands is the largest flower exporter in the world.
  5. A third of the Netherlands lies below sea level , so the name of the country makes sense.

The best travel time

The Netherlands is wonderful to visit all year round . Every season has its own charm.

Of course, it is particularly beautiful from April to October, when the sun can be seen more often and the tulips bloom in spring. For city breaks in Holland we definitely recommend the spring and autumn months.

Incidentally, it rains least in the spring months .

For a beach holiday with swimming, it should of course be the warm summer months.

If you really want to switch off and need a break , we can also recommend a holiday in Holland in winter. We love long walks by the sea when the beaches are nice and empty. To warm up again, there is a hot chocolate in the beach pavilion.

Arrival to Holland

By car

Depending on where you want to go on holiday in Holland, we recommend that you travel by car . You are simply more flexible and can also explore the surrounding area. Especially if you want to go somewhere on the beach in Holland.

By train or plane.

If you don’t want to travel by car, you have the choice between arriving by train or plane.

By far the most important airport in Holland is Amsterdam Schiphol , which is served by numerous German cities.

Traveling by train is also very convenient . If you book a Europe special offer from Deutsche Bahn early on, this is often the cheapest option. From some German cities you can take a direct train to Amsterdam, for example from Hanover , Hamburg , Munich or Cologne .

The rail network in Holland is excellently developed . The trains run frequently and are usually very punctual.

Frequently asked questions about Holland

Is Holland expensive?

In Holland the euro is used to pay. Paying by card is very common.

The price level in Holland tends to be a bit higher than in Germany. Especially in Amsterdam the prices are still a bit higher than in other Dutch cities.

How much time should I plan for Holland?

You should plan 1-2 days for a city trip, and 2-3 days for Amsterdam.

For a beach holiday at least a long weekend.

Does it rain a lot in Holland?

In Holland, the weather can be very mixed and can change quickly, especially on the coast.

We always have something with us to protect ourselves from the wind, which can be really chilly even in the summer months.

If it rains, we simply sit down in the nearest café and wait for the shower. Constant rain is rare due to the rapid change in weather.