Hair Invades The Streets and Us Protects from The Cold (With Style?)

Throughout these weeks we have been talking of a tissue that protects us from the cold and at the same time gives us an extra dose of style: hair. It is a fact, this protects us from cold temperatures, but also provides extra volume to the touch and final outfit. Jackets where the hair is long, others where is shorter, vivid colors as the pink or green, and others more classic versions where the hair is kept natural color. Which proposal do you prefer?

New York, epicenter of the trend

How could it be otherwise, the city of New York It is the best place to see this trend: these days is celebrating its Fashion week and, in addition, its low temperatures have the fashion victims want to walk down the street in style but without going cold drop.

The Cowboys seem to be a good choice to combine with this garment and we see it with options such as the of the journalist/writer/blogger Leandra Medine. In any single moment leaves his peculiar style of side, and shows how to combine a jacket of this type: flat ankle boots, jeans style jeans mum with a Fendi bag that is part of the role.

Chiara Ferragni could not be less and goes beyond: protect your hands with gloves where hair is the protagonist (a set of her coat). Fendi y MSGM they are the signatures of the coat and gloves (respectively).

WOW @markuslupfer sweater @fwrd #TheBlondeSaladGoesToNewYork Pic by @timuremek_photography

A photo published by Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) on Feb 15, 2015 (s) 11:39 PST

Have you tried to go out with this style clothing?

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