Good-Bye, Hickorees Floor Two!

Good-Bye, Hickorees Floor Two!

Many stores give you the jump to the electronic retail market, but few online stores are the other way around. Once online, for one point, right?

Good-Bye, Hickorees Floor Two!

In 2009 the brothers Emil and Sandy Corsillo have opened the site, Hickorees Hard Goods, an online store that began with a few ties and accessories of the brand that they had launched a little before, The Hill-Side. The site was a success, and at the time the products of The Hill-Side came up to be purchased by J. Crew, a huge brand with many shops, which has, as part of the strategy put in stores interesting brands that have credibility.

The success of the online store led to the opening of a physical space, which was mounted just below the office, on the second floor of a building in Brooklyn. Last week, five years after the inauguration, I received an e-mail announcing that the store would close, not by failure, but because of the success!

When I was in Japan I noticed that he has a habit of riding shops without direct access to the street. It has to do with the lack of space and also with the seclusion practiced there, because customers seem to prefer the feeling of exclusivity, to attend a “club” that few if you want to know that is there.This is not very common in any other place that I have visited, where stores always seek to have a display case visible to attract those who pass on the street. In addition to flow “internet store”, the Hickorees was also different to opt for a second floor, and so was born the Hickorees Floor Two.

The connection with Japan does not stop there. In addition to being a shop with the products of The Hill-Side, the Hickorees also works with pearls extremely rare to welcome you there from the east. Not only the products of strong brands such as Journal Standard, Kapital, but also small finds such as ceramics, folk.

These products are combined with other brands in the us and europe, complementing the collections of The Hill Side… that began with scarves and ties and is now a complete line, with shirts, t-shirts, jackets, shoes, wallets, socks, pants, and more accessories, all made in the United States or Japan with the tissues creatives that made the fame of The Hill-Side.

The shop is full with other curiosities. A mixture of things, such as whistles, notebooks, biscuits, toys, and other random items. These products are paired with the etampas and tissues from The Hil-Side, and leave the store as well color. It is like the child in the supermarket, who picks up a package of the bullet while the mother buys vegetables. That is, despite being a shop with selected products by tradition and quality, it does the line “wood/concrete/steel”.

The space and the site does not give me that feeling that the store is trying too hard, forcing the bar to have a “lifestyle”. The true lifestyle, whatever your life style, is authentic and pleasant, is peaceful and honest, a feeling that I have whenever I go to Hickorees, on the website, in emails, on Instagram, and in all that they do.

I would like to buy more of the Hickorees but unfortunately it is very risky to bring products from outside. I took advantage of trips to send something to the hotel, and a journey to NY was a reason to visit the second floor. And the surprise when I saw a pop up of them in Japan, within the Journal Standard? It is very cool how the brands and small shops outside has this (apparent) ease to internationalize.

The news of the closure of the Hickorees physical is not bad. The brand The Hill-Side has grown a lot in the last four years and became the biggest focus of the business, further strengthening the connection Hickorees/Japan. The last lookbook that they made for the collection of 2015 was pretty cool, and I’m going to share here also.

The Hickorees Floor Two closes, but the first physical store of The Hill-Side opens, a few steps away. The brand products are the flagship of the new shop, but they are intended to complement the mix with some favorites from Hickorees. More a cool place for anyone who is a NY visit, at 263 South 1st Street in Williamsburg.

These are some photos that I took once I was in the store. Who was there was Liza, the sister of the two founders. Business in the family! It illustrates the posters very cool that they send along with each online purchase. And it has bodyguard, the little dog Ollie. Are a few photos so I will complete with other much the best that I found on the internet.

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