Giorgio Armani Sells Their Cosmetics in Latin America

The Italian firm takes longer time creating a full line of makeup, whose philosophy is a reflection of trends that Armani to followed in terms of clothing and accessories since its creation. I mean, We seek a perfect texture in makeup, that will give elegance and style without being especially striking and Yes women very natural.

And thinking of latina women, more used to wear makeup daily and particularly more flirtatious style, is that Giorgio Armani to decided to start your foray into the world of cosmetics, using as a platform for the region to Mexico.

It is the first point of sale that opens, a more ambitious project, which has decided to place in a department store in the North of the city of Mexico the sale of the Armani line. Now Mexican women enjoy the possibility of acquiring bases makeup, shadows, lipsticks and makers glitters which are a kind of accessory which complement the collections of clothes designed by the House.

They also have at their disposition the tips that will give you a number of experts trained by Armani to pay particular attention to the needs of latina women.

The firm L’Oreal Mexico will be commissioned to represent the product and iron Palace, Polanco the chosen site to begin with the sale and dissemination of a product which has proved a quality comparable to the designs of Armani. Technology, innovation, colour and quality service in one place.