French Cuisine: Tasting the Most Delicious

By | May 23, 2022

The traditions of culinary arts are rooted in the ever-rich, varied and daring cuisine of France. To get acquainted with all the delights of the culinary skills of French chefs, you should definitely visit this country.

For the French, every detail is important in food. And the reception itself can turn into a special ritual.

Slowly studying every detail of the dish, the local gourmet will be able to enjoy all the taste qualities of the dish served. At the same time, it is worth considering the compatibility of sauces, the color of the ingredients, the manner of serving the dish, and the right appliances. Even the location of the table for a true connoisseur of French cuisine matters. Agree, how nice it is to sit at a small table in the early morning and enjoy a fresh crispy croissant.

Features of French cuisine

The national cuisine of France varies depending on the region. Cooking in the south of the country and in the north is significantly different. The local population uses the ingredients available for the region to compile the daily menu:

  • If you go to visit the southern regions, be prepared for treats of spicy dishes, richly seasoned with spices, garlic and onions. Kassoulet is especially popular – a thick stew based on beans and meat (pork, lamb, goose, Toulouse sausages, which resemble some types of sausages in German cuisine ).
  • Connoisseurs of seafood and meat will love Burgundy cuisine. This region is known not only for the best wineries in all of France, but also for Beef Bourguignon cooked in red wine with fragrant herbs.
  • Another amazing region is Alsace. Here, the local population, unlike the rest of the country, often eats pork (to confirm this, try the famous Wädele pâté and pork knuckle).

The main features of the national cuisine of France, as good traditions that are passed down from generation to generation:

  • a special ingredient in dishes – wine ;
  • the French prefer lean meats (beef, chicken);
  • the French practically do not consume dairy products, but at the same time cheese of any kind is an important guest of any table;
  • The main pride of the French is sauces, which should definitely be used to emphasize the richness of the taste of food.

What to try in France: national dishes

Traditional French cuisine is a symbol of rapid development and the search for perfect taste. Unlike the national cuisine of Austria, French gourmet delicacies are a real work of art for true gourmets.

A gastronomic tour to the country of romance, fashion and haute cuisine cannot be completed without tasting the main dishes, which can rightfully be considered the pride of France.

The first thing to try in France is the traditional onion soup (boiled in broth with the addition of cheese, onions and croutons). This is an example of the fact that even from affordable and cheap products you can create a masterpiece worthy of the title of haute cuisine.

No less famous is gratin – thinly sliced ​​potatoes cooked in cream and milk. An important part of the dish is nutmeg. This is not only a restaurant dish, but also a favorite daily meal of the local population.

Tourists are always looking for special “zest”, ready for bold experiments, so we offer several interesting options for what to try in France.

Meat dishes

  • foie gras (cold appetizer made from goose liver) is an indispensable detail of any French holiday table;
  • Basque chicken (poultry stew with vegetables, such as peppers and mushrooms, with spices);
  • confit de canar (duck pre-marinated for at least 36 hours in a special sauce).


  • oysters ;
  • bouillabaisse (fish soup, which includes different types of fish, shellfish, crabs, octopuses);
  • pissalder (anchovy pie, it is made open on a thin onion crust, so it turns out very similar to pizza – a delicious symbol of Italian cuisine ).


  • Tarte Tatin is a traditional French upside-down apple pie.
  • soufflé is a delicious sweet with a delicate, airy texture.
  • cake “Opera” – distinguished by a sophisticated combination of almond cakes, coffee syrup and chocolate ganache. The beautiful composition is completed by the inscription L’Opera with a small splash of gold.

And some exotic

  • frog legs – a special delicacy, the taste of which resembles a young chicken;
  • escargot snails – the French prefer this original dish with garlic sauce, which emphasizes the special taste of a healthy product;
  • truffles are an unusual type of mushroom with a unique aroma.

Prices in cafes and restaurants

If you want to enjoy the delicious haute cuisine of France to your heart’s content, you should think about the financial side of the issue in advance. The daily menu of Parisians is varied, so in order to estimate how much food costs in France, we suggest “living” the day like a real Frenchman:

  • breakfast: croissant + coffee or spring roll + orange juice = 5 €.
  • lunch: first course + dessert (for example, soup and pie) = 13-23 €.
  • dinner: salad + meat dish (for example, nicoise and duck confit) = 25-40 €.

Especially high prices for seafood dishes. If you want to try the delicacy, but at the same time save a little, buy oysters at local markets.

Street food in France is more affordable for the budget traveler. You can choose crepes – pancakes with filling (from 2.5 €), sandwiches (2 €), quiche – a small open pie (3 €), roasted chestnuts (only 1 € / bag).

Food prices in France

According to topschoolsintheusa, food prices in France are quite high, as in any European country. At the same time, natural farm products that are sold in specialized stores are highly valued.

Food in supermarkets is a little lower. Here you can also choose a budget option for lunch (from a fresh baguette to a ready-made set for vegetable soup, different types of cheese and local wine). It is profitable to buy products for cooking dinner at home: the simplest traditional dishes can be prepared cheaply, satisfyingly and tasty.

Having been in France, you should definitely try the local wine. In a cafe or bar you will be asked 5 € for a glass or 15 € for a bottle. We recommend buying the same sort of wine at a local store, topping up your basket with cheese, and heading out for a picnic while enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower.

Do you appreciate the taste of food just like the French do, are you familiar with the best products of French cuisine or are you just going on a trip to the capital of fashion? Share your personal experience of a trip to Paris or another region of France, colorful photos that will tell you about excellent French cuisine.

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