Film Fashion (XVII): The Nominees for The Best Costume Design Oscar 2012

Film Fashion (XVII): The Nominees for The Best Costume Design Oscar 2012

Edith Head

The Oscars they are the best-known awards in the World of cinema. Always seems to speak more of the winners or nominees for best film, actor, actress and director of the nominees for best costume design why I believe that today’s post is a way of claiming to the costume designers and their teams. And of course, the great work they do in the films because without them and without many other people not would come forward all the films that we see in the cinema.

These days Hollywood is a non-stop events, festivals, exhibitions etc. One of the most anticipated exhibitions is “20th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design” in the FIDM in Los Angeles Museum. An exhibition that brings together the best designs of costumes for the film and where you can find a selection of the candidates for best costume design.

The nominees for best costumes Oscar 2012 are:

“Anonymous” with costume design of Lisy Christl. A film that is about whether Shakespeare It was an imposter or not. The wardrobe is period. Costume designer, Lisy Christl He made the costumes for movies like “Funny Games” or “Caché”.

“The Artist” costume designer Mark Bridges. Mark is one of the strongest candidates to win Oscar. The costumes for the film is a small wonder and the puntazo’s a black and white film. Mark Bridges has made the costumes for different movies, “Wells of ambition”, “Boogie Nights” and “Magnolia”, “drunk love (Punch-Drunk Love)”, “The Fighter”… “The Artist” is a clear example of how a film can return to fashion of the 20’s style.

“The invention of Hugo” with costume design of Sandy Powell.”The invention of Hugo” premieres the weekend in Spain and is another firm candidate to win the Oscar. It is not a simple children in 3D film, It is a tribute to the pioneers of the world of cinema and the hand of the great Martin Scorsese. Sandy Powell It has been the designer of costumes for many films as “Orlando”, “Game of tears”, “Interview with the Vampire”, “Velvet Goldmine”, “Shakespeare in Love”, “far from heaven”, “Gangs of New York”, “The sisters Boleyn”, “Inflitrados” etc. Nominated for Oscar in several occasions and winner of three of them.

“Jane Eyre” with costume design of Michael O’Connor. “Jane Eyre” is a film based on the novel of Charlotte Bronte, a film that has passed quite unnoticed but it hides enough hits. The costume recreates wisely the time that occurs in the film and the internal drama of the protagonist. Michael O’Connor has already won an Oscar for “The Duchess”.

“W.E.” with costume design of Arianne Phillips. It is the only nomination that has received the Queen of pop, Madonna film. The film tells two stories of love, one among Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson and the other about a woman obsessed by Wallis Simpsons. Arianne Phillips is inspired in Schiaparelli and Vionnet to make the costume. He has also designed the costumes for “A single man”, “The 3:10 train”, “on a tightrope”, “Innocence interrupted”, “The Raven”…

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