Film Fashion (XVI): My Week with Marilyn

Film Fashion (XVI): My Week with Marilyn

“My Week With Marilyn” (my week with Marilyn) opens in Spain next week. With two nominations for the Oscars, its protagonist, Michelle Williams part as one of the favourites to win the Oscar best actress. “My Week With Marilyn” directed by Simon Curtis and starring Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh, Emma Watson Judi Dench and with costumes of Jill Taylor, discusses the week step Marilyn in London shooting the film “The Prince and the Showgirl” (1957), starring her and Laurence Olivier.When her husband, Arthur Miller, He left Britain, Monroe was escorted by Colin Clark (author of two books on which the film is based), a romance both lived during that week and that is more or less the movie. I have my doubts about the film, more than anything, because we have already seen many movies about Marilyn. While we wait for the premiere are going to disengage the impeccable wardrobe of “My Week With Marilyn” and how to adapt the “Marilyn” style to our.

Although we believe that Marilyn had a ravishingly sexy style If we look a little we will see that at the time of his life, his looks were more well elegant and simple, Although the voluptuousness of her body always gave him the image of overwhelming female I always struggle with the Marilyn.

Costume designer Jill Taylor It has had a very short and tight budget. To make the white dress that Marilyn in the scene of the “Prince and the Showgirl”, they didn’t have sufficient budget to do it exactly as the original, so they had to manage them as they could. The dress cost 10 days doing, a quarter the zipper broke and was impossible to sew (since the zipper ran all dress) so each day had to sew the zipper since dress.

Costume designer He was inspired by images of Marilyn along with Arthur Miller in England. Note that simplicity the Marilyn dress was amazing. Very simple and nothing glamorous in their daily lives. Jerry says: “What surprised me was how she was ahead of her time, in terms of simplicity. I have a lot of frames it in England where you just ride your bike with a thick sweater with trousers, jeans and loafers. Very simple. Very easy. It was a Calvin Klein girl, before I had Calvin Klein. That’s the side I wanted to convey in the film”.

Michelle Williams It is very small and the costume designer had Marilyn measures. To make the costumes they had to adapt to the body of Michelle, but it would have been very comical and ridiculous to see the protagonist with actual measurements of Marilyn. Used for chest a Special conical bra, 50 What Katie did, a company that specializes in retro lingerie.

The designer was inspired in photos of the time to play as dietary supplements or the color palette that was used more, Black, camel and white.

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