Film Fashion (XIV): Several Horteradas in The Costumes for Film

Film Fashion (XIV): Several Horteradas in The Costumes for Film

In the world of the film costumes There are also big blunders and horteradas several and varied. Not everything is glamour and good work. We could rule out some movies for the time in which were filmed, for example in the eighties, but there are many who not yet get rid. There so many nonsense in some films clothing that is to run away. In the post are not all that have to be, but yes a small sample.

Julia Roberts became the girlfriend of America thanks to “Pretty Woman”. All we know history swimmingly and we know the costume inside out. But no one can deny me that the prostitute Julia Roberts look no where catch it. And the musketeer boots, friends, continue to be a tacky, before and now.

Sex in New York is a non-stop bad styling. I am aware that Carrie and cia have many fans but some of her outfits, in two films, there is where catch them.

Milla Jovovich is a cute girl but what Jean Paul Gaultier did in “The fifth element” has no name.

I’m a fan of ‘Pink girl’ but there are some elements of costumes for the film that rubbing the inexplicable. That pink dress with open sleeves is very not.

“Supernova” with Marta Sanchez, the horror in its purest form. If you want to have fear of truth nothing like seeing the film. The hair like hooks.

John Travolta in “Saturday night fever” It is the antithesis of the sexy. The downside is that many men imitate the wardrobe. It wasn’t erotic to carry more cleavage than a woman and over hairy.

Halle Berry did not come off well in its interpretation in “CatWoman”, normal, with this hodgepodge of costume they destroyed a myth.

“Weapons of woman”, OK, were the 1980, but really needed to leave those hairs?

Kathy Bates in “Fried green tomatoes” comes with a wardrobe that is difficult to digest. The Tracksuits with flowers they are crying.

“Bridget Jones”, I have to admit that I also have very tacky pajamas and full of children’s drawings but you don’t have to teach them, belong to our intimacy. But Pant, size Rhino giant, not step or crazy.

“The Coyote bar”, short tops, Snake print pants and many others without senses that I’ll never make understand. The bad thing is that I still see girls dressed so down the street.

In “Showgirls” almost 80% of the film passed into balls but when “dress”, if that can be called dressing, they pifian more.

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