Fan of Fashion Maxi? Learn The Best Street Style and Do Not Miss The Look Inside

Fan of Fashion Maxi? Learn The Best Street Style and Do Not Miss The Look Inside

Extreme measures, solutions… not so extreme. The maxi fashion some time ago, that conquered the catwalk, to such an extent that it is sometimes possible to see certain excesses and affection from designers like sack. And from there to the shops is one step closer, to follow the logical chain. Now, when moved to the street with looks real the problems arise with the maxi trend. Learn how to take it with small touches that prevent lost within your own style, as for example bet on one back vent.

Sport maxi

The trend sports It is perfect for the trendy maxi and your clothes are running wide and baggy cuts. The shirts and sweatshirts lengthen the bass into short dresses that linger with midi skirts. The trick is in the mix of layers and details as a raja of the marked skirt or a neckline in tip that breaks with so much fabric without form.

A high shot

The 70s pants they climb the shot to a third floor that need a top that figure do not shorten, they leverage the time styling it thanks to a halter with shoulders neckline to the air. A style where eyes will go to the waist, with the top creating contrast in neutral tones.

New hippies

Maxi fashion needs a break so I can get her sexier side and the This summer blouses know this, hence the hippie style associated with part of the seventies recovers a design with the shoulders to the air among so many fall wide and airy.

The knotted shirt

A large shirts, they are good knots. The crop tops are not for all styles, or occasions, but a shirt can fulfill the same function as these. The knot in the front to achieve a little notch a wide-ranging garment. A good idea to mark the figure.

The summer shorts

The cycling shorts summer will bring more than a problem with your long and amplitudes. As substitutes for the capri from a few seasons ago these pants end up targeting maxi style by its proportions at the time used the same winks as the rest of garments: part of skin to the air, with the ankles together with a stylized shoe, and an upper garment which is also responsible for this.

Black and white

The white shirts they have replaced basic dresses, comfortable shirts passed directly from the shirt design to be caught of the male wardrobe with a few straight lines, with a prominent long and good amplitude. These leave from inside pants to cover them, although again specify that they Sin no be very long, and let to the air the feet, as it is better to take them gathered and look a little forearm.

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