East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine

By | January 13, 2023

The James H. Quillen College of Medicine (Quillen College) at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) is a public medical school located in Johnson City, Tennessee. The college offers a wide range of programs, including Doctor of Medicine, Physician Assistant Studies, and Master’s and PhD programs in the biomedical sciences. Quillen College is committed to educating outstanding physicians and scientists who will serve their communities with excellence, compassion and respect. The college also serves as a regional resource for graduate medical education and research that improves the health care system in the region and beyond. Quillen College provides an environment that encourages collaborative learning experiences among students, faculty and staff while promoting lifelong learning through innovative teaching methods.

Here we focus on key data about East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine, including admissions profiles such as application fee, admissions decision dates, admissions statistics such as average MCAT/GPA scores, undergraduate majors, and national ranking information of East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine. Also covers in-state and out-of-state tuitions as well as scholarship and grant opportunities offered by East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine. See Tennessee federal school codes.

Address: PO Box 70694, Johnson City, TN 37614
Phone Number: (423) 439-2033
Email: sacom@etsu.edu
Website: http://com.etsu.edu
Acronym & Abbreviation: https://www.abbreviationfinder.org/acronyms/etsu_east-tennessee-state-university.html

Admissions: East Tennessee State University (Quillen)

Fall 2020 Admissions Information
Director of Admissions Edwin D. Taylor
Application fee $50
AMCAS application accepted Yes
Early application deadline 06/01
Application deadline 11/15
Secondary application required Yes
Personal interview required Yes
Regular application acceptance notification begins 10/15
Regular application acceptance notification ends 08/10
Number of weeks within which students must respond to offers of admission 2
Deferred entrance available Yes
Deposit to hold place in class is due at the time of offer
Early decision plan for admission offered Yes
Early decision plan application period begins 06/01
Early decision plan application period ends 08/01
Early decision plan notification date 10/01
Starting month for the class of 2020-2021 August
Fall 2018 Admissions Statistics
Total admissions data 1641 applied, 259 interviewed, 118 were accepted, 60 enrolled
In-state admissions data 569 applied, 180 interviewed, 101 were accepted, 52 enrolled
Out-of-state admissions data 1072 applied, 79 interviewed, 17 were accepted, 8 enrolled
Women’s admissions data 731 applied, 114 interviewed, 52 were accepted, 24 enrolled
Minority admissions data 440 applied, 47 interviewed, 19 were accepted, 8 enrolled
International admissions data 0 applied, 0 interviewed, 0 were accepted, 0 enrolled
Fall 2018 GPA and MCAT Scores
Average undergraduate GPA 3.65
Oldest MCAT considered 2007
Average MCAT score 9.6
Average biological MCAT score 10.0
Average physical sciences MCAT score 9.3
Average verbal reasoning MCAT score 9.5
Average writing MCAT score O
Undergraduate Majors
Required undergraduate coursework biology/zoology, English, organic chemistry, inorganic (general) chemistry, physics
Percent of entering class with undergraduate major in biological science 40.0%
Percent of entering class with undergraduate major in physical science 25.0%
Percent of entering class with undergraduate major in social sciences/humanities 29.0%
Percent of entering class with undergraduate major in other health professions 3.0%
Percent of entering class with undergraduate major in mixed disciplines, double majors, and other areas of study 3.0%
Combined Degree Programs
Combined college/M.D. program offered No
Combined degree programs offered N/A
Number of years to complete combined college/M.D. program N/A
Combined college/M.D. program URL N/A

Tuition & Financial Aid: East Tennessee State University (Quillen)

The James H. Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University offers tuition and financial aid that is competitive with other medical schools in the region. Tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year was $48,898 for residents and $54,938 for non-residents. The college also offers a variety of scholarships to help offset the cost of tuition. These scholarships are available to incoming students, current students and graduates. In addition, there are loan programs available to help cover the cost of tuition and living expenses while in medical school. The Financial Aid Office at East Tennessee State University works closely with each student to determine their eligibility for these various forms of financial aid.

Financial Aid Contact Information
Financial aid director Linda Embree
Financial aid phone (423) 439-2035
2018-2019 Tuition and Fees
2018-2019 Tuition In-state: $21,184, Out-of-state: $43,182
Required fees $897
Room and board $12,621
2018-2019 Financial Aid
Percent of students receiving any financial aid 93%
Percent of students receiving loans 85%
Percent of students receiving grants/scholarships 45%
Percent of students receiving work study 0%
Average indebtedness for 2007 graduates who incurred medical school debt $120,894

Ranking: East Tennessee State University (Quillen)

According to the US News and World Report, East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine (ETSU) is ranked as the fifth best medical school in the South and among the top 50 in the nation. The college has also been recognized for its exemplary educational programs, research initiatives, and clinical care. ETSU is committed to providing students with a comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for success in their chosen field. The college offers a wide range of opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in various medical disciplines, such as family medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery and more. Additionally, ETSU offers a variety of extracurricular activities and student organizations that provide additional support and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Furthermore, ETSU also provides access to world-class facilities such as advanced medical simulation labs and state-of-the-art research facilities which further equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen careers. In addition to its excellent academic programs, ETSU also provides numerous resources for students such as career counseling services and financial assistance options which help ensure that all students are able to pursue their dreams of becoming a successful physician or healthcare provider.

Research Ranking
Research score N/A
Research peer assessment score (5.0 highest) 2.1
Research assessment score by residency directors (5.0 highest) 2.3
Total amount of NIH funds granted to medical school and affiliated hospitals (in millions of dollars) $2.8
2018 NIH research grants per faculty member (in thousands) $12.8
Primary Care Rankings
Primary care score N/A
Primary-care peer assessment score 2.7
Primary-care assessment score by residency directors 3.0
Average 2016, 2017, and 2018 graduates entering primary-care specialties 47.8%
Ranking Admission Statistics
Average undergraduate GPA 3.65
Average MCAT score 9.6
Acceptance rate 7.2%
Full-time faculty / student ratio 0.9
Total medical school enrollment 245

East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine