Design District in Miami, Florida

By | June 16, 2022

Design district in Miami (Miami, USA) — description, history, location, reviews, photos and videos.

The Design District is an entire neighborhood filled to capacity with world-famous brand stores, designer showrooms, and art galleries. From the very first minute of your stay here, there will be no doubts – you are in a very stylish place. See topschoolsoflaw for brief history of Massachusetts.

Even if you are not too interested in fashion and shopping, you can go to local shops like museums – a good half of them specialize in art and designer decor items. But there are also real museums here: for example, the Ca d’Oro, De la Cruz, Bossa galleries and a dozen others.

The appearance of the district itself can be regarded as an independent work of art – the facades of the buildings are very intricately decorated, street art, sculptures and installations are everywhere.

Fashion shows, parties, exhibitions, concerts, lectures or seminars are held here almost every week. One of the most popular events in the Design District is the monthly art walk. Here they are held on the second Saturday of the month – on the same day, an art walk takes place in Wynwood, located just south, so if you come early, you can visit both. During art walks, all establishments in the area are open to guests until 22:00, and musicians perform on the streets and artists demonstrate their work. There are always a lot of people who want to join the world of art, so you should book a table in advance if you want to dine in a restaurant.

Practical Information

Address: Miami, 3841 North East, 2nd Avenue. Website.

The design district is located 4 km from downtown Miami and about 10 km from South Beach. The neighborhood is bordered to the south and north by NE 36th and 43rd Streets, and to the west and east by NE First Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard.

It is more convenient to get here by car, the most comfortable entrance is through the Second Northeast Avenue. There are two covered parking lots on 38th Street ( starting at $3 per hour), but you can also park on the sidewalk if you have a spot. Public transport in the Design District also runs – buses No. 9, 10 and 110. They leave every half an hour, so it’s better to check the schedule in advance.

Despite the bohemian appearance of the area, there is practically nothing to do here after hours. Shops and galleries begin to close as early as 17:00-18:00, and by 21:00 only a few restaurants remain open.

Wynwood Art District

Wynwood Art District (Miami, USA) — description, history, location, reviews, photos and videos.

Missed the annual Basel Art? It’s not scary: in the Wynwood Art District, and without special events, you can see enough art at once to get Stendhal syndrome for a long time. There are more than 70 galleries, five museums, seven art complexes, 12 art studios, five fairs in this area, not to mention Wynwood Walls. Currently, all of Wynwood is one of the largest outdoor street art venues in the world and one of the more hipster spots in Miami.

The area was designed specifically as a district of art and culture not so long ago, in 2003. The initiators were art dealers and artists, including Mark Coetzee, who had already done something similar in his native Cape Town.

Wynwood Walls was created in 2009 in an attempt to unlock the neighborhood’s walking potential. And, I must say, they brought a rather high-profile fame to Miami in the field of graffiti and street art. Artists from all over the world had a hand in their creation: 50 artists from 16 countries worked here. Then the project began to grow at the expense of murals outside the block, covering the entire buildings – this is how Outside the Walls appeared.

Wynwood is one of the world’s largest outdoor street art venues and one of the more hipster spots in Miami.

It is probably worth starting your tour of galleries with private collections. Try the Rubell Family Collection (founded in New York in 1964, the world’s largest collection of contemporary art), Margulies Collection at the Warehouse (in a restored retro warehouse), and World Class Boxing (named after the gym that used to be on the premises)., and where Olympic-level boxers trained). To get acquainted with the work of the most prominent local artists such as Hernan Bas and Glexis Novoa, you should look into the galleries of Fredrik Schnitzer and David Castillo.

It should be noted that Wynwood is not only museums, galleries and street art. Some of the best bars and clubs in Miami are located here, and local residents are sure that you will definitely not find the best coffee in the city.

Every second Saturday of the month, an art walk is organized in the area. Galleries, art studios, alternative venues and showrooms open their doors to the public for art, music and refreshing drinks.

Art Basel is a series of new and contemporary art shows regularly organized in three cities: Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong. Wynwood became the venue for the event in Miami: here it takes place every December. Miami Beach debuted as such in 2002, and the local version of the event has grown substantially over the years since. Thus, in 2013 Art Basel in Miami was visited by 70,000 people.

Practical Information

The block is roughly delineated by North 36th Street (US 27), North 20th, I-95, and Northeast First Avenue.

Design District in Miami