Countdown to Summer Has Come, and We Inspired by These Looks Increasingly

Even though my friends and family try to make me go into reason and let me know that the temperatures will drop sharply one of these days (that is what threatens every night the weather man), one cannot help but wake up happy with the sun shining and the thermometer giving you good morning with warm temperatures. Summer it smells, feels, is heard, it realizes and my wardrobe screams requests change of station.

And when I see these inspiring looks one where dreams of going to the beach, brown skin and let the good vibes to run through his veins, the desire to increase. Whether embroidered blouses, crochet tops, dresses in linen or garments full of color: there is desire to say hello! at the good time.

Basic and warm colors such as nuclear white turn into a uniform, and there is no garment feels wrong. These are succinct and leave the decsubierto many parts of our body: neck, arms, legs…

And the prints do their job: in bright and fun colors, give us strength and vitality to face days where the mood is not perhaps very present. Almost all feel well and one dares to try new forms and styles.

I definitely need to be able to say that we are in summer. And I need to get out to the street with the assurance that when the wind blows I won’t be petrified with the frozen blood. Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to dress today?