Cold Wave? Coats Long Wave, Do Have Already El Tuyo?

These temperatures is what makes you want to take to the streets the batamanta prior to any shelter, however long that is. You will have to wait to Moschino to get this garment on the runway; you know that that day will come, and not so distant future. Until then touch warmly and covered up to down. The cold wave leaves us another wave fashion, this time of long coats.

The Beige leave for a few days to the trench and shelter in the broader and long coats. The look works well with green hunting and a few comfortable boots; the detail of the hat is extra.

If shelters extends to cover cold jeans keep their broken and look ankle, one of those contradictions that we like both do, with a tread comfortable slippers.

The camel is targeted to the maxi coats for stepping on snow with heels and accessories in black.

Scarves also become XL for several laps and avoid any flu.

White out chest in winter ideal and hot looks, this time the memory of the batamanta that is more than close, only Street and with a few Add-ons to create contrast, both detail bag Eggplant and some ankle boots with triple buckle.