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Asia Agriculture

The continent stretches from the tropics to the Arctic Ocean and has highly variable precipitation conditions; therefore, almost all useful plants can be grown in Asia. Climatic conditions play a major role in the distribution of cultivation. Among other things. the growth period in the temperate zone is quite short, often limited by both temperature… Read More »

Qatar Politics

The country of Qatar is a coastal emirate in Southwest Asia in the Middle East. Qatar borders Saudi Arabia to the south, the Gulf of Bahrain to the west, in which the Hawar Islands of Bahrain, the closest to Qatar, lie, and the Persian Gulf to the north and east. Qatar is known for an… Read More »

Peyia, Cyprus

Peyia was once a small village whose inhabitants were engaged in the cultivation of oranges. Today it is a major municipality in the neighborhood of Paphos. And although the composition of the population, which once consisted of Cypriot farmers, has been significantly diluted by immigrants from the UK, and the nearest beach, Coral Bay, has… Read More »

Jordan Market Opportunities

MFA: Strategic opportunities for foreign exporters The pandemic hit Jordan hardest in the first half of 2021. The intensified restrictive measures brought further negative impacts on its economy, which was already heavily affected by the previous year’s recession. ¾ of the population works in services. Their continued paralysis (mainly tourism) is the main cause of… Read More »

Museums in Smolensk, Smolensk Region (Russia)

For there are also attractions outside the fortress walls.On the right bank of the city there is the most ancient temple of Smolensk – the Church of Peter and Paul.This one-domed temple was built in 1146 and is now located near the railway station.On the other bank there are two more ancient churches of the… Read More »

Sights of St. Petersburg

According to top-medical-schools, the northern capital of Russia always attracts crowds of fans of interesting cultural, historical and architectural sights. This city is full of amazing places that have been perfectly preserved since the reign of Russian tsars. Even a few weeks will not be enough to fully embrace the power and grace, grandeur and… Read More »

Russia Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Russian. The languages ​​of the ethnic minorities are also common. English, German and French are partially spoken. Public Holidays 01/01/2022 New Year 01/07/2022 Russian Orthodox Christmas Day 02/23/2022 Day of Defenders of the Homeland 03/08/2022 International Women’s Day 05/01/2022 Spring and Labor Day 05/09/2022 day of the victory 06/12/2022… Read More »

Qatar Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Arabic. English and Persian are important as business and lingua francas. Guest workers speak their respective native languages, above all Urdu (Pakistani national language, which is also spoken in some states in India), Hindi (Indian official language) and other Indo-Aryan languages ​​are widespread. French or German is sometimes also… Read More »

Philippines Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The first official language is Filipino, derived from Tagalog. The second official language is English. Spanish and Chinese are also common, although less so than English. There are over 100 cultural and ethnic groups, each with their own language. A total of over 988 languages ​​and dialects are registered, including Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano,… Read More »

Pakistan Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Urdu (8%), but there are also regional languages ​​and dialects such as Sindhi, Baluchi, Punjabi (48%), Pashto (8%), Saraiki (10%) and Hindko (2%). English is widely spoken. Public Holidays 23.03.2022 Pakistan-Tag 01.05.2022 Eid al-Fitr (Ende des Ramadan) 09.07.2022 Eid al-Adha (Opferfest) 08.08.2022 Aschura 14.08.2022 Independence Day 09.10.2022 Milad un… Read More »

Oman Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Arabic. Persian and Urdu are partly colloquial languages. English is business language. Public Holidays 01/01/2022 New Year 03/01/2022 Lailat al Miraj (Night of the Ascension) 05/01/2022 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) 07/09/2022 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) 07/23/2022 Day of Rebirth, beginning of the reign of Sultan Qaboos 07/30/2022… Read More »

North Korea Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Korean. Russian and Chinese are e.g. T. used as commercial languages. Public Holidays 01/01/2022 New Year 02/16/2022 Shining Star Day (Kim Jong-il’s Birthday) 04/15/2022 Day of the Sun/Kim Il Sung’s Birthday 04/25/2022 Memorial day in honor of the military 05/01/2022 Labor Day 07/27/2022 day of the victory 08/15/2022 Liberation… Read More »

Nepal Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview Official language Nepali (47.8%). The population is made up of numerous language groups. About 12 languages ​​and 30 dialects are spoken. Administrative employees and those employed in tourism mostly also speak English. Public Holidays 01/30/2022 Martyrs Day 02/18/2022 Rashtriya Prajatantra Divas (Democracy Day) 03/08/2022 International Women’s Day 05/15/2022 Buddha Jayanti (Birthday of Buddha)… Read More »

Myanmar Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Burmese, and over 100 different languages ​​and dialects are spoken. English is spoken in business circles. Public Holidays 01/04/2022 Independence Day 02/12/2022 Day of Unity 02/16/2022 Full Moon of Tabaung 02.03.2022 Farmers’ Day 03/27/2022 Armed Forces Day (memorial day honoring the military) 04/13/2022 Maha Thingyan (Water Festival) 04/17/2022 New… Read More »

Mongolia Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Mongolian (90%), Kazakh is spoken by about 5% of the population. Also different Mongolian dialects. Russian and English are also spoken. Public Holidays 01/01/2022 New Year 02/01/2022 Tsagaan sar (White Moon, Buddhist New Year, Lunar New Year) 03/08/2022 International Women’s Day 07/11/2022 Naadam 11/26/2022 Independence Day Source: Duty… Read More »

Maldives Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview Maldivian Dhivehi (Singhalese special form), Elu and English are lingua francas. German, Italian or French is occasionally spoken. Public Holidays 01/01/2022 New Year 04/03/2022 Beginning of Ramadan 05/01/2022 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) 07/08/2022 Hajj day 07/09/2022 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) 07/26/2022 Independence Day 07/30/2022 islamic new year festival 10/09/2022 Milad un… Read More »

Malaysia Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview The official language is Malay (Bahasa Melayu). English is the lingua franca and language of education. Various Chinese dialects, Tamil and other Indian languages ​​are also spoken. Idioms Eight = lapan eighty = lapan puluh exit = keluar beer = bir, arak please = tolong thanks = terima kasih tuesday = hari selasa… Read More »

Macao, China Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview Official languages ​​are Chinese (Cantonese) and Portuguese. English is spoken by many business people and in the tourism industry. Public Holidays 01/01/2022 New Year 02/01/2022 Chinese New Years Festival 04/15/2022 Good Friday 04/18/2022 easter monday 05/01/2022 Labor Day 05/15/2022 Bathing Festival of God Buddha (Buddha’s Birthday) 09/10/2022 Mid-Autumn Festival 10/01/2022 National Day of… Read More »

History and Education of Qatar

History of Qatar The lands of modern Qatar have been inhabited since ancient times. The earliest archaeological finds date back to the end of the 4th millennium BC. e. and confirm the existence of a developed and prosperous civilization here. After the adoption in the 7th c. Islam, along with the rest of the inhabitants… Read More »

State Structure and Political System of Vietnam

According to microedu, Vietnam is a parliamentary republic. The Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, adopted on April 15, 1992, is the fourth one after World War II (1946, 1959, 1980). Currently, there are 57 provinces in Vietnam, four cities of central subordination (million people): Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (St. 5), Haiphong (1.7)… Read More »

Malaysia Tourist Areas

The islands of Langkawi, Penang and Borneo have a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Penang Island – called the historical capital of the country, the largest temples are located here: the Goddess of Mercy (Kek Lok Si) Thai, Burmese, Chinese and also the snake temple. Malaysia has some of the best dive sites in the world, notably… Read More »

Japan Mining Resources

According to Localbusinessexplorer, the mining industry was already quite developed in the century. VI d. C. In the following centuries, the need for metals, and consequently their production, went continuously and rapidly increasing, and this is due to the greater demand for weapons and war instruments, necessary for the epochs of long and tormenting wars… Read More »

Japan Literature under the Influence of West

The first twenty years of the Meiji era (1868-1912) constitute an era of assimilation of new ideas imported from the West, and all energy is absorbed by the needs that have suddenly arisen in the bosom of a renewing society. Faced with the vast horizons opened by a civilization rich in glorious conquests like that… Read More »

Japan Literature in The 20th Century

According to Homeagerly, Japan’s modernization program started from the so-called Meiji restoration (1868) and invested all fields bringing with it profound and radical transformations, often inspired by Western models, the only ones that seemed able to allow the realization of the ambitious project to become a full member of the great powers. Cultural life and… Read More »

Japan Literature from the Origins to Heian Period Part II

The Utsubo monogatari (“Tale of a hollow tree”) and the Ochikubo monogatari (“History of Ochikubo”), both by an unknown author, represent a much longer kind of tale, a mixture of fantastic and folkloric elements, and descriptions of the life of the aristocracy of the time. The road was now open towards the creation of the Genji monogatari (“Story of Genji”), the… Read More »

Japan Literature from the Origins to Heian Period Part I

According to Diseaseslearning, two events dominate literature: the introduction of Chinese civilization and culture, especially from the 5th century. onwards, and that of European civilization, officially adopted in the 19th century. 6 periods are commonly distinguished. From the origins to the Nara era Around AD 400, Chinese script was introduced to the archipelago from Korea… Read More »

Japan Literature During The Period of Tokugawa (1603-1867)

In 1603, the creation of a new government in Edo (od. Tokyo) by I. Tokugawa brought peace and order to the country that had been ravaged by civil war. Edo became the political, economic and cultural center of the Japan, but, for a certain period, the cradle of culture continued to be the kamigata, that is… Read More »

Japan Literature During The Middle Ages (1186-1603)

According to Equzhou, the period is marked by intermittent wars that swept the entire country and marked the rise to power of the military class and the political decline of the court nobility; alongside the traditional genres, which maintain a close formal link with the past, original elements make their way: the chivalrous spirit and… Read More »

Japan Literature – The Origins and Time of Nara

In its essential features, Japanese literature reveals a very particular taste for form, which gives color to the innate aesthetic sense that is in the prerogatives of the breed. In literature, a palpitating expression of the character of the people, as in art, the foreign model is visible everywhere, except for poetry, but always originally… Read More »

Japan Literature

At the beginning of the seventies, the disappearance of two important writers such as Y. Mishima (1970) and Y. Kawabata (1972), preceded only by a few years by that of another teacher, J. Tanizaki (1965), concretely marked the end of a period. The panorama of the last twenty years has been characterized, in fact, by… Read More »