Bomber Jackets-A Stylish Garment Not Only For Pilots

Bomber Jackets-A Stylish Garment Not Only For Pilots

For some, it may simply be “bomb-like” ; for the other, their style is not suitable at first glance, but the bomber jacket is also indicated with the homogeneity of certain groups. But one should not judge on the surface. Because if you look more closely, there is now no social current, which would be presented with a bomber jacketeven only approximate except for the US Air Force or the pilotenschaft itself. And these are offered in any case other models than the civil society.

Rather, the products are a proven example of quality and functionality. At least once, one should look behind the scenes of these pieces of clothing in order to be able to decide for themselves.

The name of the bomber jacket is no coincidence, since its civilian use started only from the 1950er years, after it was already in successful use. This is because the reasons for the US Air Force to choose their own type of jacket with their pilots are indeed convincing. But let us start right first.

History Of The Bomberjacke

The likewise common term “Fliegerjacken” means exactly a different model. These were used by the Allies from the 1930s and 40s, and thus came from a period in which aviation and bomber jackets were still officially used identically. All models bore and bear their own name, such as the MA-1 as the forerunner of today’s produced species. In 1958, she had distributed the US Air Force to her flight crew for the first time.

Previously, there were other models with similar short names. The exact differences, however, are only apparent to those who have some idea of ​​the development history. At first they were equipped with a US Air Force emblem. But after the internal departments wanted to use their own patches, their omission was the more efficient variant and in this respect their appearance became neutral.

Alpha Industries, headquartered in Virginia, has delivered approximately one million to the US government. European air forces also came to the fore during the post-war period and were able to produce for themselves. In addition, a small “black market” was created for private individuals in Europe due to their popularity. However, soon the provider decided to deliver to civilians.

In 2013 the Bomberjacke reached the catwalks of international and well-known designers. The often self-willed interpretations such as floral patterns, however, are limited tastes, as always with such modifications, and only conditionally suited to the success of the masses. Rather, it is here the most authentic form which contributes to popularity. Today, the markets are flooded with innumerable models that do not have much in common with the original. There are, however, criteria which are based on original expressiveness.

Characteristics Of The Original

The base material of the bomber jackets is nylon. Other substances have not been and are not being used – the reason is illustrated below. The then MA-1 was equipped with knitting collars and not with fur, as is often assumed. These nylon models are qualifying as predecessors and have not yet performed in a comparable manner, but they have fulfilled important conditions for today’s design, namely by gaining experience on improvements. The use of knitting collars was due to the fact that skins were not incompatible with the belts.

According to the original, fur collar variants are unsuitable and can be seen as the outflow of a development, according to which the modem makers of the furry lobbies, which once fell in the number of sales figures, work together. With the original style, however, this design has nothing to do with it. The character of the original is expressed by the knitting inserts on the collar, the sleeves and the bottom edge.

Convincing: The Advantages Of The Bomberjacke

Wearing the Bomberjacke compensates the temperatures. They could already be used at up to 18 minus degrees and at 15 degrees Celsius it was still usable. It covered a range of fluctuations that could never be captured by typical clothing. The use of nylon removed the previously used leather.

With this fabric, known as “Flight Nylon”, freedom of movement and lightness are achieved and the originality is taken into account.Only this model became a cult object all over the world. Such achievements are appreciated by every consumer. Wool in the quilting has now been replaced by polyester-among other things because the garments have become even lighter.

Whoever loves it as a whole or places emphasis on good visibility should use a copy which can also be used as a reversible jacket with orange lining. At the time, this served the easy identification of crashed pilots, but it is still an important safety feature in many living situations. The well-placed bags are also proving to be useful for the cited “Otto Normalverbraucher”.

It should also be noted that the manufacturer does quite well without the use of animal products. Innovations are set which represent higher cost factors in production rather than the generally more favorable recourse to animal components. Thus, the original bomber jacket also becomes a better option for those interested in ethics.

Typical Use Of Civilians

In the 1990s, short-term bomber jackets were more likely to be attributed to the Nazi style, although they were actually the enemies of those who had to wear these models professionally.Many a fellow-runner without background knowledge, however, did not seem to have been fully aware of this, and the cool piece of clothing was nevertheless taken back. This was probably due to the fact that the logo of Alpha Industries had a minimal resemblance to the SA, ie the Sturmabteilung of the then Hitler party.

As an American product, however, it was not possible to establish itself in these circles. Today, the risk of becoming a Nazi by wearing bomber jackets tends to be zero. Those of you who combine natural balding and lace-up boots will make a difference. However, they would be a bit wrong, because the identity-creating character of this US innovation is now known world-wide. Today, the bomber jacket models are also popular in the hipster scene and were also at that time simple pioneer of the blouson. It also depends on what you make from a piece of clothing.

Of course, private pilots like to go back to this clothing code. After all, the bomber jacket itself fulfills all requirements with flying colors. Clothing pieces, which are so popular for a long time, are logically taken up by various timekeepers-whether hipsters or even skinheads. Alpha Industries will not be tired of distancing itself from it and this episode at the expense of the high-quality garment is now considered to be finished.

Color Finish

The color scheme for civilian use is broader than for the military, which still demonstrates to the manufacturer his customer loyalty with his orders. With “Spicy Red” one created for instance a civilly gladly taken execution. Authenticity is naturally obtained with the colors blue and green. Until the Koreakrieg the color always fell in favor of these cool colors.

The originals of Alpha Industries, which are only slightly modified for civilians, are happy to wear jeans, but a real limitation can only be made from a different style or a less harmonious color combination – but the classic is basically open to any unofficial dress. Even if you do not like bomberjacke or who does not need it, you can compare the detailed designs with other items of clothing and assume that the higher-quality option was chosen there.

But be careful: Even if many blousons are offered as “Bomberjacke”, is usually the only similarity with the original is only a similar cut. In order to measure their functionality at the level of the respective sciences, one has to compare the differences to the original.Whether as work, sports or leisure clothing, the original design of these outdoor clothing is a guarantee of functionality. The producer would surely not be angry with his decade-long main customer, namely the US Department of Defense, with no evil surprises and is therefore at the forefront of innovation.

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