Before The Attack of Crop Tops, Les We Face with The Oversize

The crop tops are not for all, clearly, because sometimes we have some resistant to all michelin and, what noses, ice cream and summer tops are irresistible. But you can go to fashion and hide the problem areas with a garment that is also a trend: tops and dresses oversize. This clothing hiding what they have to hide (isn’t that these bloggers have much to cover, but good) and looks really good.

For dresses shaped trapezium, Let the shoulders into the air and are quite short. If your problem area is the tummy and you have beautiful legs, it is the solution to figure.

These tops get that Bohemian style that we both like for this season. You can take them on the top of the shorts, although they are hardly seen.

And if you want a more classic style, you can Rob white shirt guy, sleeves the sleeves and look it up some skinny with heels.

It is the perfect mix between the feminine and the masculine. A simple and effective combination. and laugh of the crop tops.