Anitta Rocks with Pearl Jewelry in a New Clip; Know How to Wear Them in Your Look!

Anitta Rocks with Pearl Jewelry in a New Clip; Know How to Wear Them in Your Look!

Singer Anitta released her first English song, “Will I See You,” on September 03. In the clip, which bombed the internet, in addition to clothing and overproduction, an accessory caught the attention of many people: the maxi pearl necklace she wears during the video.

Anitta Rocks with Pearl Jewelry in a New Clip Know How to Wear Them in Your Look

The pearls remain very elegant and classic. But over time, there are pieces that make them uncluttered and modern, making them match their personality and various occasions. Want to know how to use pearls to make up your look? Joiasgold made a special selection for you!

Pearl Necklaces

Timeless, elegant and classic, pearl necklaces can be used on many occasions and to match numerous styles. Besides betting on maxi, like Anitta in “Will I See You”, which gives a more modern and stripped-down look, you can also invest in more delicate pieces.

There are necklaces made entirely of pearl, those in which she appears to give only a charm to the piece or those that match the pearl with precious stones and pendants. In this way, it is possible to invest in jewelry that really fit your wardrobe.

Pearl Earrings

Short or long hair, light or dark. The pearl earrings can be the jewels protagonists of your look, especially when using larger pieces, making them gain a prominent position. For those who prefer something discreet, it is possible to bet on smaller and simpler pieces, which continue to provide elegance to the composition.

In one way or another, the earrings contribute to enhance your look, be it more classic, modern, romantic or stripped.

Pearl Bracelets

Bracelets made with pearls can also be used in your favor. With them, it is possible to put on an authentic look that fits your style. These pieces can give a soft touch to more sober styles, such as formal ones, or even those considered heavy, like punk or rocker.

On the other hand, when combined with floral prints and textures or dresses and robes, they can harmonize perfectly in order to compose a romantic style and even enhance the delicacy of these pieces.

Pearl rings

If a ring makes all the difference in your look, imagine a pearl ring. It can be found in the form of a solitaire or even in conjunction with gemstones, as is the case with diamond. In various sizes, from the largest pearls to the most delicate, the rings ensure that you impress your personality in the composition of any look in an elegant and authentic way.


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