American Deep South

By | December 1, 2022

A Deep South holiday includes a sultry cocktail of music, good food, history and overwhelming nature. That is the Deep South of the United States. From the cozy and lively bars full of jazz music in New Orleans, the beautiful Mississippi Delta to the cowboys in Texas with their large and sprawling ranches. But also the remnants of the great role that the southern states have played in the history of the country, make a holiday in the Deep South an experience to remember. Discover the amazing Deep South!

According to fun-wiki, the Deep South includes the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

Musical Holiday Deep South

Music lovers will get their money’s worth during a Deep South holiday. Whether you like blues, jazz, rock ‘n roll or country, the Deep South is the birthplace of all these music styles. In the swinging cities like New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, but also in the small towns and villages, the music accompanies you through this swinging part of America.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the many bars and restaurants of Bourbon Street in New Oleans and enjoy the buskers that make a walk through the streets of this city one big party. Or delve into Elvis Presley’s rock ‘n roll history in Memphis and visit his Graceland Mansion. Are you more of a country lover? Then Nashville is a ‘must see stop’ on your vacation through the Deep South.

Culinary Deep South

The rich and versatile history of the Deep South has also ensured that you can go in any direction when it comes to good food. This is how you get amazing dishes from the Cajun kitchen in New Orleans. But also in other places in the Deep South you can eat delicious and plentiful. Fresh fish and crab on the coast to tasty burgers and country fried chicken inland. Served again and again with the signature ‘Southern Hospitality’ that you will experience more often during your Deep South vacation.

Nature in Deep South

The often overwhelming nature proves that a Deep South Holiday really has something to offer for everyone. Rugged coastlines, breathtaking mountains and swamps with alligators and lots of other wonderful animals and the beauty of the desert in Big Bend National Park.

For the most beautiful views, visit the Great Smoky Mountains, where you can also spot many wild animals. Or go kayaking for alligators in Okefenokee Swamp Park. Looking for more action? Then water skiing or fishing in Lake Marian or Lake Moultrie is for you! When vacationing in the Deep South, the options are endless!

Discover Deep South

Whatever you’re looking for in your vacation, the Deep South has it all. Go out with a car or camper and discover! In any case, there is no better way to experience these immersive landscapes than to go on an adventure yourself with your own car or camper! With your own car or camper you have complete freedom to go wherever you want. This way you can easily stay somewhere longer or shorter during your holiday and experience the Deep South in your own way! Also take a look at our curated Deep South tours !

Climate in Deep South

States such as Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and Texas form the Deep South of America and really have something for everyone. With its subtropical climate, the Deep South has warm summers and cool winters. Although you can enjoy a wonderful Deep South holiday all year round, spring and fall are the perfect times to visit the Deep South. Rent a car and discover for yourself how beautiful, varied and exciting this region is!

History of Deep South

The Deep South is inextricably linked to the time of cotton plantations and slavery. It was that slavery that brought enormous wealth to the states. This was at the expense of the black population. Some plantation owners treated their slaves well, but others were close to criminals. Harriet Beecher-Stowe’s book about Uncle Tom’s Cabin has made a great impression on the American public. Partly because of this, there was a long and bloody civil war. Scattered throughout the Deep South you can still find the characteristic and stately plantation houses as witnesses of this illustrious period. These are definitely worth a visit during your Deep South vacation.

Especially in the Mississippi areariver between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, you can visit the authentic Antebellum mansions during your Deep South holiday, for example on the famous Plantation Road.

Civil rights

Are you more interested in the American Civil War, the rise of the civil rights movement or Martin Luther King? Even then you will find plenty of memorable places and memories in the Deep South that keep history alive. The impressive Vicksburg Military Park and Fort Sumter National Monument, for example. This is where the battle between North and South comes to life again.

Or visit The Lorraine Motel in Memphis, where Martin Luther King was assassinated in the 1960s. This world-famous former motel is now home to the Civil Rights Museum.