A Pattern-Three Variations Of Blazer

The nice thing about the hobby tailoring is that you can sew your favorite cut again and again and it looks different each time.

Blazer for Women

In our workshop we try new variations. Our patterns are classic and constantly adjust to the current fashion. Recently a client asked if she received the correct pattern because, because she had purchased it after the image of the blue Blazer variation. A pattern with the two variations of red Blazer (Discover blazer definition at digopaul.com) came with the post.

Very Easy Processing Of Bag

The theme of this pattern is the processing of the bags. It is super easy, because the bag is part of the page directly. Only the upper edge is verstürzt, the lateral limitation will be processed with the longitudinal seams. We use this kind of bags in our patterns like because it is easier to handle than an elaborate piping bag.

Our Three Blazer Variations

With this Blazer variation we have combined two different substances: the side parts are made of a Jersey and the middle parts from a Webware. Because the Jersey is flexible, we have omitted the seam allowance along the side seam, so that the jacket is pretty close to the body.

Our second Blazer variation is a two-colour Wolljacquard. Because these substances have two right sides, we played with the colors.

The third variation of the Blazer is back from a fulling material. In this version, we have omitted the transition during cutting. The document is tailored to silk, the cuffs as well. Instead of button holes, loops for toggle buttons were made.

During cutting, you can break off the transfer, not cut him off, otherwise you miss him at the next variation.