5 Tips to Relieve Congestion in the Wardrobe Male

5 Tips to Relieve Congestion in the Wardrobe Male

First you strive to be able to acquire the parts that they think appropriate, spend a lot of money, it leaves your wardrobe crowded of the most diverse clothing and accessories, after this journey (which actually never ends) is the discovery that the excess of clothing that is obstructing your visual, the shirts mess up the collar, the suits amarrotam, the jeans will create creases and jackets will be deformed, all because you have been obliged to pile up your clothes as you can and your closet is a block of tissue crumpled up to be minutely fitted.

5 Tips to Relieve Congestion in the Wardrobe Male

All of this happened because you, in your saga buy, buy and buy, forgot to get rid of a few items that a) are no longer in fashion, b) not serve more, or c) no longer has any use, but you do not admit! However, there is still salvation, stay tuned and read this text until the end!

Rules to wipe away the wardrobe

1 – Free yourself from everything that is dated, it is very likely that you will not want to use something with the face of summers past. We know that much of the clothing in menswear is classic, easy to use without relying on the hype, but there is always something with that rancidity of the last decade that no need to be occupying space;

2 – Ask yourself how much time is that you do not use a particular part, if the answer is more than a year, you might consider sending it to donation. You had 365 days to dressing her, but she preferred other options, or did not arise any occasion where she fit, so she’s not part of your lifestyle;

3 – Give a more noble destiny for the one coat for the snow that you would use on that trip that you never did. I think that is the time to give a new home to this tenant that is renting space in your closet;

4 – Grab those clothes that are baggy or too tight , and send it to some charity. Usually they don’t go to the hanger and only serve in a nest mite;

5 – do Not accumulate defective parts, be it factory defect or caused by the constant use, fix it, or turn away, anything to stay together clothes with holes with the excuse that a day will send to the tailor, if all the world might be fulfilled that promise all the tailors would be millionaires.

When to break the rules and keep an outfit

– When you have sentimental value true. Nothing in that chat clothes of the luck or the “shirt that I wore on the day that the president was the champion”, save things that are truly connected to your side of an emotional, something that was presented by someone who is already gone, a t-shirt hand painted by her little girl, the suit of your wedding, pieces of their story and their loved ones;

Even using little you do not have almost nothing similar to the piece, as for example a fleece jacket thick long warm up for the climate in the south of Brazil, after all, who knows you changes his mind about his trip to the valle Nevado!

– If it is something really expensive, because even though it is taking up space can be sold or traded for something more useful in the future and represents an investment that a few times you can afford to.


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