Clothing for Men

Another Street Style Is Possible

Internet has been a revolution in all the fields, and fashion It has not been excluded from it. Online stores that buy comfortably from your home a dress of Lanvin more than two thousand euros if you have them clear or shirt that dress at Zara, but left you don’t know well why streaming retransmitted parades that let you see […]

Clothing for Women

Not without My Skirt from H & M

The skirts at H & M they have conquered the blogsofera thanks to their unbeatable prices, to its colorful prints and what they feel well. Maximum trend at the lowest price. The skirt of flight with ethnic print we proposed as essential in a suitcase summer has conquitado the heart of the Bulgarian Zajche. I already said that […]

Clothing for Men

Ralph Lauren Reissued Its Most Patriotic Jersey

They say that the classics never die, at least that is what is understood after seeing that Ralph Lauren has reissued its mythical jersey with the flag of the United States. A classic garment for this North American firm, which in the 90’s already became a true hit of sales, even to become one of the most important icons […]

Clothing for Men

RAF Simons Also Advocates The Neoprene in Their Shirts

Yes, as have heard you, neoprene in their shirts. I already spoke to the use of synthetic materials, especially neoprene, was becoming increasingly fashionable among young designers and that was one of the best ways to make more comfortable piece and with a more futuristic look. I’m not particularly favour this but we know are for […]